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Rekindle Your Marriage Programme

Every couple deserves to be happy.


Book your place on REKINDLE YOUR MARRIAGE Now!!

Have you always dreamt of that

“Happily Ever After?’

Those romantic stories you read about growing up, where couples ride off into the sunset,  and live happily ever after?

Marriage CAN be bliss, but it’s not always so. Sometimes life just gets in the way, challenges seem insurmountable, people grow apart and marriage becomes a struggle.

When real life sets in and you’re longing for that happy ending, wondering what went wrong and when … do you ever feel hopeless?

When the happiness and joy turns to misery, do you find yourself desperate to rekindle your marriage, to go back to the place where you started – full of love, excitement and hope?


Do you feel like ….

  • your marriage is in a rut?
  • your love tank is empty?
  • your partner doesn’t understand you?
  • you are unable to communicate well?
  • you are constantly arguing?
  • you feel betrayed ….
  • maybe you are even ready to exit the marriage??

Marriage can be the closest thing to heaven or the closest thing to hell!

If you feel negative towards your partner and pessimistic and worried about your future together, chances are your marriage is already struggling which means you NEED to TAKE ACTION NOW!!

All you need is a simple, practical programme to help you re-ignite or rekindle your marriage and reach your heart’s desire to have the marriage you’ve always wanted. 

The good news is that this 12-step program will help you each discover your own needs and how to communicate those to your partner, how to handle conflict and have difficult conversations and how to speak to your partner in their language.

In this 12 week program you will learn new ways to communicate with each other and develop habits to help you feel happier, more calm and more positive and hopeful about your future together.

In our proven and scientifically based programme, “Rekindle Your Marriage you can take back control and find your way back to each other.



Start your “Rekindle Your Marriage Program Immediately.  Places are limited so Make sure you Secure your Place TODAY

What would it mean to you if you could …

  • identify joint goals towards a positive future together?
  • discover how the power of apology binds you together
  • learn skills that help you connect with partner
  • discover each other’s “button pushers” and how to avoid them
  • build confidence & self-esteem in yourself and your partner
  • experience greater emotional well-being
  • be better parents to your children

We are delighted to let you know that Executive Mind Solutions can help which is why we are opening up our latest programme, “Rekindle Your Marriage” for you now …


  • Once you learn to understand each others’s personality type, you will:
    • tap into each other’s needs and desires to help each other feel understood and valued
    • tap into each other’s strengths to help you operate from your strongest most loving place
    • regain confidence in your own strengths and abilities.
    • communicate more effectively with each other


  • Once you learn to communicate better with each other, you will:
    • be calmer and more in control of your thoughts, and actions
    • be more able to deal with the challenges and pressures you face at home or at work.
    • express your needs and desires with calmness and confidence
    • be able to set boundaries that are important to you
    • create more trust and intimacy
    • develop habits to help to continually work on and improve your marriage
    • gain increased self-esteem
    • better manage difficult feelings such as anger


  • When you are happy in your marriage you are happier in all areas of your life …
    • you feel more calm, more in control and more happy.
    • you are better parents working together for the good of the children, rather than from different places.
    • you are better able to plan for the future – especially a future together
    • you can perform better at work.
    • you are more mentally resilient and better able to manage stressful situations.
    • you have somebody that always has your back
    • you feel like you are never alone and always have a safe place to go to


“Rekindle Your Marriage” program will significantly improve your:

  • communication
  • intimacy
  • self-esteem & confidence
  • dealing with difficult situations
  • dealing with difficult conversations


Sounds great … and I’m sure you must be thinking, “what’s the catch?”

And yes, you’re right to assume there are some potential barriers… but with the right help, they can easily be overcome…


Many consultants offering their services, do not deliver their promises

Many providers offering similar services only provide the theory and talk about the benefits without providing effective techniques for you to use immediately

Many programmes are dull and uninspiring feeling just like another class or another lecture.


Our programme provides simple, effective techniques to empower you to communicate better, create friendship, love and intimacy in your marriage and create success habits to continually grow and develop in your marriage.

The programme is interactive, and engaging while simultaneously teaching skills that can be implemented immediately – without long tedious theory or lectures.

If you’d like to take advantage of this great opportunity, we’d love to help you…. which is why we are delighted to be inviting you to our “Rekindle Your Marriage” Program.

We are excited about our latest program … as we believe the work we do with you is so important… so please allow us to share what this comprehensive and intensive program offers you….

The “Rekindle Your Marriage” Programme:

This very practical INTENSE programme covers EXACTLY what you need to …

  • feel more confident and positive about your future together
  • fill each other’s love tank so both partners feel loved, appreciated and fulfilled
  • understand each other’s communication style so both partners feel understood and respected
  • how to have difficult conversations and engage in conflict respectfully and constructively
  • Build confidence & self-esteem in both partners.
  • Techniques to control your emotional state & remain focused while being challenged
  • Greater emotional well-being


Over the course of just 11 weeks, you can complete our NEW  “Rekindle Your Marriage” Programme.   

We will teach you the precise techniques and strategies that you need to create a wonderful marriage for life.


Rekindle Your Marriage”  is a combination of group and individual sessions that takes place over an eleven week period.

Session 1 : Dare to Dream – Discover and Identify Your Goals

Session 2: Your Personality and the Power of Apology

Session 3: Discover Your Emotional Needs & Button Pushers

Session 4: Your Love Language

Session 5: How full is your love tank? Button Pushers

Session 6: Setting Boundaries & Rules of Engagement

Session 7: Handling Conflict

Session 8: Listening

Session 9: Leveraging Each Other’s Strengths

Session 10: Creating Intimacy

Session 11: How well do you Know Your Spouse?

Session 12: Unfinished Business

During this 11 week programme we will have a combination of weekly individual and group meetings, meeting mostly once a week.

The group meetings will include activities to help you bond with your partner as well as with other couples who want to improve their relationship.  The power of this is for couples to see that they are not alone, but also to learn from the other couples in the group.  Powerful learning takes place during these sessions.

Each session is accompanied by supporting materials, for you to refer back to any time.

In-between meetings you will be given tasks to practice and learn new behaviours as well as to assimilate your new knowledge.

Each session focuses on practical and simple strategies for you to implement immediately.

Each session lasts for a maximum of 2 hours per session



Session 1 – Dare to Dream/ Goals – Getting to Know each other


During this session you will identify your goals as a couple and what you would like your marriage to look like by the end of the programme.

Session 2:  Group Session: Your Personality and The Power Of Apology


Session 2 will be a group session during which you will get to know the other participants in the programme.  You will learn about your personality and that of your partner and about the power of apology and forgiveness.  We will look at things that are marriage destroyers and marriage boosters, the ABC’s of negativity and how to have an apology conversation.


Session 3: Emotional Needs & Button Pushers


Session 3 is all about discovering the emotional needs of yourself and your partner and how to communicate those to your partner.  We will talk about your values, beliefs, strengths and how to communicate appreciation.  We will also look at the type of things that “push your buttons” and how to avoid those.

Session 4: Love Languages & Boundaries


Everyone has their own unique way of expressing and receiving love.  When we know the love language of our partner, we are able to give them love in a way that is meaningful to them, rather than just thinking what we are doing is expressing our love to them and feeling confused and frustrated that they don’t see how hard we are trying.  When we can talk in each other’s love language, our partners will feel loved and appreciated.  When our partners talk to us in our love language – we too feel loved and appreciated. Session 4 will be all about how we experience love and how to use that knowledge to improve your marriage.  We will also look at setting boundaries for things that you find unacceptable.

Session 5: Group Session: Boundaries & Rules of Engagement


In  session 4 we started to talk about boundaries.  In session 5 we practice how to have those conversations around the things that we feel strongly about and feel are unacceptable.  Being able to identify those areas and setting boundaries around them, allows our partners to clearly understand what we expect from them and behave accordingly, rather than having confusion and misunderstanding about things we feel are important.  This creates respect and clarity.

Session 6: Listening


Listening really is a skill.  Most of us think we are listening, but in fact we may be just “hearing”.  We may be talking only to find our partner distracted on the phone, the T.V. or something else.  They may be nodding and making all the right noises, but in fact their mind is somewhere completely different.  When we can learn to actually listen and acknowledge each other – we feel heard, respected and valued.  Essential elements to any marriage.

Session 7: Handling conflict


Conflict is a part of marriage.  We can’t agree on everything all the time.  The key is to be able to deal with that conflict in a constructive way – to be able to express our thoughts, needs and desires, and work through the conflict in a way that both partners come out feeling loved and respected, despite disagreeing – rather than devalued and despondent.

Session 8: Group Session: Handling Conflict & Listening


In session 8 we will practice listening skills in such a way that each party leaves the conversation feeling respected and valued rather than hurt, humiliated and disappointed. We will also practice handling conflict in a constructive way.

Session 9: Leveraging each other’s Strengths & Roles & Responsibilities


Each person has unique skills, strengths and habits. Sometimes exactly those things we loved about them in the beginning is what we hate about them later.  Tapping into each individual’s strengths, means accepting and acknowledging each partner for who they are.  It also means that each partner can work from their strongest place and can be recognized for those actions and behaviours.  Just like a team in an organization compliments each other – each person doing what others can’t or or not so good at – resulting in the greatest success for the team and the organisation.  Similarly – when couples compliment each other, each doing what they are best at, that sets the stage for a strong partnership and modeling for and children involved. For this reason, session 9 is all about tapping into each other’s strengths and how to leverage that in your marriage.

Session 10: Creating Intimacy


Intimacy is an integral part of marriage.  When intimacy is strong, it helps to have an affair proof marriage.  During this session we will look at the importance of dating and making yourself desirable for your partner.  We will explore what type of things contaminate intimacy, how can you get closer to each other again, and how do you communicate your needs around intimacy?

Session 11: Group Session : How well do you know your spouse?


Knowing your spouse is so important – what are their strengths, what are their over-uses, what are the things they struggle to let go of from their past …

Tools to communicate the language of appreciation.  In this session you will learn how to have an appreciation conversation.

We all have a need to be known by someone and to know someone – and when you are known by your spouse, it builds the intimacy. When you really know someone you tap into another dimension – you know what their attributes are, their weaknesses, the things that make them cry, that make them sad and that make them laugh.

Session 12: Unfinished Business


During this final session we will take a final look at any other issues that may still need to be addressed to help the couple move forward and any other areas that may still be of concern to the couple.   We will look at the importance of friendship within the marriage – between the couples, and with others.  Finally we will look at how the couple can take action to ensure they continue to commit and practice their new habits and behaviors to ensure they continue to grow and develop within their marriage.

You Will Receive:

  • Personal assessments to help you identify …
    • the areas in which you need the most support/change
    • your personality type and that of your partner
    • Your personal love language
    • your conflict style
    • your button pushers and those of your spouse


  • Power Tools to help you …
    • build a powerful support network
    • set boundaries
    • handle conflict
    • leverage each other’s strengths
    • discover your emotional needs and those of your spouse
    • talk so your spouse will listen and listen so your spouse will talk
    • create intimacy
    • create your own rules of engagement

You will also receive:

  • Mind management tools to help you focus on success and achieve your goals
  • Guides, charts and toolkits


Marriage is not a noun; it is a verb. It isn’t something you get.  It’s something you do.  It’s the way you love your partner every day” — Barbara de Angelis


Creating a happy marriage is about practicing habits and behaviors that make your spouse feel loved and appreciated.  It’s about filling their love tank and treating them with respect, tapping into their personality, and communication style.  The your partner feels loved and appreciated, they will want to make you feel loved and appreciated too.

TO RECAP – “Rekindle Your Marriageconsists of :

  • A simple and practical 11 week programme – consisting of individual and group sessions
  • Tools and strategies for each session
  • Supporting material
  • Techniques and strategies to implement immediately for instant benefit
  • E-guides, checklists and worksheets for your maximum benefit


The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make – not just on your wedding day, but over and over again – and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife”  – Barbara de Angelis


To help you, we will share all of our knowledge with you, so that you can achieve your goals helping you achieve the marriage you’ve always dreamt of.



11 Weeks to rekindle your marriage

Okay, this does sound like a Great Opportunity… So What’s the Investment?

We spend money on things that matter, and your marriage — the foundation of your family—is what matters most.

For a LIMITED TIME, the Rekindle Your Marriage Program is JUST $2,450.00 an investment that WILL help renew your relationship.

Re-connect. Bring back the spark. Remember the love you once felt. All of that REALLY is possible. The Rekindle Your Marriage Program will guide you back to your spouse, reclaim the love you know is there, and strengthen your relationship for years to come.

Rekindle Your Marriage is an 11 week programme.  Our vision for this programme, is to help you achieve the marriage of your dreams, to be able to communicate effectively and respectfully with each other, to create friendship and intimacy and model positive behavior to your children.

There is no reason for you to become another statistic of divorce.  With the tools and techniques to help you understand each other on a deep level, and cope when you are under pressure, this is absolutely do-able and achievable for you.

In order to make this as accessible, we are making entry to this program as easy as possible.  

This program contains THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of value.  This is really important work, which is why, until 8th January 2019, we are giving access to this program usually valued at USD4,900.00 for just USD2,450.00. This program will give you everything you need to rekindle your marriage and go from awful to awesome.

We hope you can see what a fantastic opportunity this very low-priced investment offers you to get started right now.

And we are sure you’ll agree that attending the “Rekindle Your Marriage” will be one of the BEST investments you can make for yourself this year.



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Can I do this programme on my own if my partner is unwilling to do it with me? Or is it only for couples?

This programme really is for couples to do together. However, your marriage is worth any effort that you put into it. We would therefore recommend individual counseling for this.  In this case, please contact us to set an appointment.


We can’t seem to communicate about anything without fighting, so I’m not sure we’d be able to do the programme without fighting. Do you think this will work for us?

Communication forms a large part of the programme, specifically because this is a very common “pain point” for couples. We’ll walk you through some proven tips and tricks to get you reconnected. Each session also includes worksheets with conversation starters to guide your discussions.


We are hardly ever intimate anymore. Will this help us fix our problems?

When couples are struggling in other areas, this almost always has effects on intimacy. Rekindle Your Marriage walks you through nine other areas before touching on the sensitive issue of intimacy. Once you have resolved the other areas that may be contributing to the lack of love, connection and intimacy in your marriage, you will find that this area will also improve dramatically.  Obviously every marriage and situation is unique.


My spouse has no interest in counseling, but I think this could really work for us. I don’t want my marriage to collapse, but Will it really fix our problems?

Honestly, you can only control what you have control over. So our advice would be to take action. Your marriage is only going to get better if you do something about it.


We are both so busy all the time, I don’t know where we are going to get the time to do this. How much extra time will this take and how can we make sure we commit to it?

Time is one of the biggest struggles in a lot of marriages. The truth is — you need to MAKE time for your marriage. We always find time for the things we put first!

Can you really afford to turn this opportunity for your marriage, well-being and future happiness down?  We have priced the programme very, very fairly considering this is a very practical and powerful program with all the frameworks, protocols, scripts, and support materials required.


And Get the Best Price Now

Yes, I am really excited about taking up this offer  to rekindle my marriage, taking it from awful to awesome and living the life of my dreams with my spouse.