4 Weeks to Executive Excellence

4 Weeks to Executive Excellence

Do you ever feel like …

Anxiety is keeping you from reaching you peak performance potential?

You have little or no control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviour?

Your mind is constantly in overdrive and you have an overwhelming sense of being buried under stress?

Your work and home relationships are strained and challenging?

Are you ready to …

  • Kiss Anxiety goodbye, optimise performance and become a more confident leader.
  • Elevate confidence to perform at your optimum in key areas.
  • Enhance career opportunities by installing a confident mind.
  • Cement a confident mind state in pivotal areas including business presentations, meetings and interviews.
  • Sharpen your communication skills in order to build powerful relationships and accelerate your success.
  • Overcome panic and social anxiety and optimise performance.

Then this is the programme for you!

Week 1: Take Immediate Action

Learn how to take charge of your thoughts and master your mind.

Receive tailor made tasks to programme your mind and alleviate anxiety.

Begin to notice changes.

Receive a personal audio for daily listening.

Week 2: Re-write History

Use dissociation processes to address underlying issues.

Learn mental skills to boost confidence.

Develop personal insight into beliefs and attitudes.

Build skills and knowledge based on these foundations.

Week 3: Build Resilience

Deal positively with challenge, change, and setbacks.

Learn to build resilience.

Continue developing your new found confidence.

Notice improvement in performance.

Week 4: Drive Forward

Anchor and continue to build on your skills.

Work to in-bed your new success habits.

Agree on actions for you to take that will continue to drive your confidence forward on a ongoing basis.


All sessions are tailored to your specific needs so that your mind accepts and absorbs the positive suggestions.

Each session lasts around 2 hours and is conducted using advanced clinical hypnotherapy techniques and coaching. You will experience a depth of relaxation and a pleasant state where mindset reprogramming can take place to help reduce your anxiety.


I work strictly according to 4 basic guidelines:

  • Confidentiallity
  • Professionalism
  • Solution focused
  • Honesty & empathy


  • A comprehensive introductory questionnaire to accelerate your 1-1 sessions.
  • MP3s to listen to outside of the sessions in order to consolidate your learning.
  • A weekly “SOS” text or phone service in case you need to reach me between sessions.
  • Absolute confidentiality and VIP treatment.


Book yourself a FREE 30 minute telephone or Skype consultation where we can explore your specific circumstances and discuss how we can work together for your benefit and success.


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  • Places on this programme are strictly limited

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