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Business Meetings, Presentations & Public Speaking


& And then my mind went blank…

Everyone gets stressed to some extent about speaking in public, making presentations or  chairing important meetings – including all those people who look so relaxed! But do you get really stressed, so that by the time the presentation or meeting comes you feel absolutely terrible – you have butterflies in your stomach, your heart is racing, you can’t sleep, you can’t keep still, you keep telling yourself how bad it’s going to be, how nervous you are, and how you just can’t do it … and you simply don’t perform the way you want to, you freeze, or your mind goes blank?

This is part of the primitive fight or flight response (click here to read more about the fight or flight response)  which sends oxygenated blood to our arms and legs so we can fight or run away from predators or any other danger – real or perceived.  An essential survival mechanism, but absolutely useless when we want to give a presentation, completely debilitating when it starves our brain of the oxygen we need to be sharp and responsive – instead making the mind literally go blank the moment you get on stage or have to begin talking!

Preparing for a presentation and successfully completing it is not just about how much knowledge you have, but also about your state of mind. Feeling calm, relaxed, focused and confident when preparing for and delivering a presentation or chairing an important meeting means you will be much more likely to achieve your full potential. Accessing this state of mind is a powerful skill that can easily be learned and implemented through hypnotherapy.

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