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Communication is the largest single factor determining what kinds of relationships we have with others.  It is a gauge by which two people measure each other’s self-worth.

All communication is learned.  By the time we reach the age of five, we probably have had a billion experiences in sharing communication.  By that age we have developed ideas about how we see ourselves, what we can expect from others, and what seems to be possible or impossible for us in the world.  Unless something powerful changes those conclusions, that early learning  becomes the foundation for the rest of our lives.  Once we realise communication is learned, we can set about changing it if we want to.

Those who have learned this skill have not only learnt to deepen their relationships with their partners, family and friends but also to communicate effectively and powerfully in the workplace.   If you practice these skills, you will be more influential, more capable of closing deals and negotiating the best agreement for yourself or your business and be seen as a more confident leader able to connect with the people you work with – colleagues, staff, clients, competitors – and reap the benefits that such a connection can bring you.

Effective communication involves not only your words, but your body language, your voice, the art of listening as well as your senses. They are all equally important.

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