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10 Easy ways to Reduce Executive Anxiety and Improve Confidence

Stress is a huge cause of anxiety, and when the two of them come strolling in, hand in hand, we all know things can get tough. So, when it comes to stress, be it from work, home or somewhere else, one thing we always need to keep in mind is how we keep ourselves balanced, in control and generally in a positive state. Of-course there will be times when things get a bit tough, and that’s okay. It’s a part of life, but, when we have strategies to deal with these things, we can always make sure we re-balance.

Hypnosis is NOT Mind Control, so what is it?

Hypnosis is NOT Mind Control, so what is it? With all our modern knowledge, new technology and research into the mind and body, many people still fear the thought of being hypnotised – of somebody having control of their mind. Little do they know, that they are being hypnotised all the time, and even hypnotising themselves! So how does this work, and what exactly is hypnosis. You may be surprised that hypnosis is merely a state of deep relaxation – a natural state that we all go into several times a day without even realising it. For example, when driving a car and getting from A to B without even realising how you got there, or watching TV when you are so engrossed in what…

Why Executives and Professionals Need More of the Love Hormone Oxytocin, and How to Get It!

During the fight or flight response, our bodies release all sorts of hormones, such as cortisol, adrenalin, norepinephrine and oxytocin, to help us deal with imminent danger Fight or Flight – The Stress Response. In an attempt to survive, our bodies prepare us to either run for our lives, or fight like hell! In our modern day business environment, this translates into aggression which is often taken out on colleagues, staff members or clients or we go into hiding – isolating ourselves from our environment in an attempt to deal with the stress. This is especially so for top managers, CEOs, and business owners who have nobody to talk to about their stress – they can’t discuss their worry about finances, deadlines, expectations, or their…