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See what Laura says about how Corina helped her get quick results with confidence and self esteem after coming out of depression.

See what Anthony says about how Corina helped him find his own happiness
as a person and structure his life, career and future relationships after
the break-up of his marriage.

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I had a series of therapy sessions with Corina to address anxiety and depression issues and I found her to be a very professional and high competent therapist. Corina is an excellent, sympathetic listener with invaluable insight. She quickly understood my situation and helped to guide in the right direction - through a mix of coaching, talking therapy, relaxation exercises, and hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapy part of the sessions was something I had previously been skeptical about, however Corina put me totally at ease and I found it extremely beneficial. I would recommend Corina's services to anyone.

A.W. 14th January 2016

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During a highly stressful period of my life it was difficult to ask friends and family for help.I tried the usual “man up” approach but just went further backwards.

Corina’s approach to allow me to speak freely and openly along with using the techniques and tools she showed me has put me into a much better frame of mind. My goals and ambitions have returned and there’s a new confident smile on my face that once carried a noticeable frown for a year or more.

I am, I believe what is commonly known as a skeptic in these things and have now changed my views and would recommend this type of help and support to anyone.

P.W. 14th January 2016

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Corina will always go the extra mile in everything and will always make you feel so welcomed and that you are a special person. She is very passionate about her profession as counselor and a therapist and compassionate with whomever she meets. Corina, is so eager of continuously learning new tools and approaches … I consider her in my opinion master therapist.

L.B. 14th January 2016

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She talks a lot a just makes you really comfortable; I got good improvements - you see results.  I was recommended her through a friend ‘cause he said she;s really good.

C.K. 14th January 2016

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She’s really good at helping people.

S.F. 14th January 2016

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Corina helped me to relax so I could sleep more easily.  Corina is very dedicated, very caring, a good listener.  Corina’s methods are very easy to put into practice and you can remember them easily, and she helps you think about things you can relate to so that you cancel them.  So they were … very good.

J.T. 14th January 2016

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She helped me build my own focus and concentration.  She’s really good at everything … she’s open and easy to talk to … she can get very personal but in a comfortable way … I would definitely recommend Corina to my friends.

A.Z. 14th January 2016