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Confidence & Self-Esteem


Self esteem is the value you see yourself having in the world. “Am I a worthwhile human being?” Answer that question with a yes and the chances are you have pretty high self esteem. It’s not a quality that changes very much since it is related to a broad sense of personal value or self worth. If you have high self esteem at work, you probably have it in other areas of your life too, because this is a reflection of how you see yourself. People with high self esteem tend to see the universe as a pretty friendly place.

When we are constantly criticised by family, friends, teachers, colleagues or superiors our feelings of self-worth are slowly stripped away.

Confidence, on the other hand, is related to action – it’s a belief that you can succeed at something. Psychologists call it domain specific. So, you can be confident about one area of your life, but totally unconfident about another. “I am confident that I am a good manager but I’m not at all confident about speaking in public.

Confidence will often vary in different types of situations,  and environments and with different people.  This is normal.

However, when our confidence or self esteem starts to have a negative impact on the quality of our lives, perhaps stopping us moving forwards, making new connections with people or leaving us feeling unable to be fulfilled in some other way, then Hypnotherapy and coaching can help to dispel those beliefs that stop you from feeling good about yourself and give you tools to build your confidence and self esteem.

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